Outsourcing Business Development to Granada Partners Delivers Measurable Value and Tangible Benefits

Your company is in business to generate revenues and profits, and Granada Partners is never distracted by non-value-added activities that do not drive incremental economic contribution. Our team built this practice around helping companies gain benefits from their partner ecosystem.

Gain Incremental Revenue: Properly structured and managed technology alliances help emerging companies find new applications, markets, channels and customers for their products to address opportunities in industries, geography and technology ecosystems previously ignored.

Introduction to New Accounts: Customers trust global consulting firms and top tier transportation OEMs and are influenced by their product recommendations. Successful companies leverage partnerships to open doors to large companies that had previously been shut.

Access to New Markets: Global consulting firms build industry specialized offerings and then hire teams that are suited to build market share in these vertical segments. Smart emerging companies leverage partnerships to optimize their technologies and go-to-market efforts to access these industry-specific opportunities.

Develop New Product Ideas: Collaboration with your partners, at the technical and business executive levels, will expose your product gaps. Emerging companies that are quick and nimble can capitalize on such opportunities and often find that partners are viable paths to market for these new offerings.

Enhance Brand Image: Significantly improve your company’s credibility and market positioning through close association with top-tier companies that have earned the trust and respect of your most important target customers.

Gain Competitive Insights: Close relationships with strategic partners typically yields independent and unbiased views of your company’s position vis a vis your most feared competitors.

Decrease Cost of Sales and Presales: Reduce sales cycle times and improve hit rates by leveraging partners’ knowledge of target accounts. Take expenses out of your marketing efforts by leveraging the investments and efforts of partners.

Extend Global Reach: Global consulting firms and top tier transportation OEMs operate globally, build region-specific offerings and hire teams that are suited to build market share in diverse geographic segments. Successful companies leverage partnerships to optimize their technologies and go-to-market efforts to access these region-specific opportunities.

Extend Service Footprint: Every consulting firm and top tier transportation OEM that Granada Partners targets maintains robust services and support organizations that operate globally. By selecting the right partner, emerging technology companies can offer their clients the after-sale support that is normally a precondition of their purchase order.

Erect Barriers to Competition: Claim a preferred position in your partners’ solution offerings and you have locked-out competitors in opportunities that are controlled by your partners. Leverage the herd mentality to gain an effective monopoly in a given sector to deliver the death-blow to potential competitors.

Improve Win Rate through Leverage: Global consulting firms and top tier transportation OEMs are connected to your largest prospects at very high levels in the organization as well as broadly across the entire company. Utilize these relationships to build sources of political leverage and crush competitive threats.

Develop Winning Exit Strategies: Large companies acquire small companies whose products fit a need that they are unable, unwilling or unsuccessful at filling. A successful alliance relationship not only exposes these gaps, but allows emerging technology companies to establish the personal relationships and success in execution to enable a lucrative exit.

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Contact Granada Partners today to discuss how your company would benefit from Granada Partners' Outsourced Business Development Strategy Assessment. During this confidential, ninety-minute conference call diagnostic, we'll speak with key members of your management team to review your business development, corporate development and technology alliance processes and develop a focused, actionable diagnostic report that highlights areas for improvements and presents recommended paths to success.